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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pops Fernandez happy for BB

POPS Fernandez is the second of three new members of the "I Love Betty La Fea" cast. Jericho Rosales has already been introduced and the third one is Karylle. Pops plays the haughty and aristocratic Paulina de la Serna, sister of Karylle. "Ako ang magiging bagong pabigat sa buhay ni Betty," says Pops. "Sa Ecomoda, si Ruffa Gutierrez ang kalaban niya. Sa island naman where she gets stranded, ako ang aapi sa kanya. When they got in touch with me for the show, sabi ko, totoo ba ito? I didn't believe it until they had a solo story conference for me. I'm really excited kasi my last regular show was in GMA-7 pa four years ago na. This is also my comeback sa ABS-CBN. I really missed acting in soaps."

Isn't she worried her fans who're used to seeing her in "api" roles will be alienated by her villainous role in "Betty La Fea"? "No naman kasi iba na ang audience ngayon, e. I also played a villain in 'Zsa Zsa Zaturnaaah' and everyone said I was so convincing, even my sons. I even got nominated pa nga as best supporting actress kaya I really welcome the challenge of doing something offbeat like this on TV. I don't want to play kawawa lagi. Dito, I also welcome working with younger stars like Bea Alonzo and Jericho. This is the chance for me to make new friends. But I'm also excited as I'd get to work with Ruffa, who's a dear friend. Eventually raw, our paths will cross and I look forward to doing our scenes together. Siguro wala kaming gagawin kundi magtawanan sa set."

Since she'll play a character who's born rich, she'll have her own stylist for the show. "Mas mayaman ang character ko rito as Paulina kaysa Ruffa's Daniella. Pareho kaming mean ang characters dito and it'll be a lot of fun when we become mean to each other."

Rustom Padilla, her co-star in "Zsa Zsa Zaturnaaah", is a good friend of hers. What can she say about his decision to kill the old Rustom and now be known as BB Gandang Hari? "I'm very happy for BB. He has come out in the open and he can now do whatever he wants. Impressed ako sa kanyang paninindigan at sa kanyang poise."

Pops will also be busy with two Valentine concerts. She has "Missing You" with Martin Nievera at the Big Dome and she also has a Valentine show with Iya Villania, Vernie Varga and Pokwang on February 7 produced by Annabelle Rama's Royal Era Entertainment.


AFTER the launch of Pops in "Betty La Fea" at ABS last Tuesday, we went to Mother Lily's Century Imperial Hotel for the thanksgiving party of the Gutierrez family. Annabelle Rama was there as "punong abala" with husband Eddie Gutierrez, daughter Ruffa, and her wards at Royal Era: JC De Vera, TJ Trinidad, Ehra and Michelle Madrigal, Arnell Ignacio, Assunta de Rossi, Ana Roces, Almira Muhlach, Miriam Quiambao, Melissa Avelino and Inah Asistio. Annabelle thanked the press for helping her family and her talents through the years. They raffled off several I-phones, Ipod nano, cellphones, DVD players, LCD 32 inch TV sets (we're fortunate to win one of them) and cash prizes.

Richard Gutierrez was absent as he's still busy shooting "When I Met U" with KC Concepcion. Raymond was also not there. But Ruffa more than made up for the absence of her brothers and hosted the affair with their loyal and competent resident PR man, Jun Lalin. Ruffa cracked a lot of jokes and she made us laugh several times.

Ruffa is really one of our best showbiz oriented show hosts today as she does her homework before reporting on "The Buzz." For instance, when it was rumored that Geneva Cruz has broken up with KC Montero, she called up Geneva right away and proved that the rumor is false as Geneva was with KC at that very moment in the U.S. and also with her son Heaven.

More recently, when it was reported that Anne Curtis has kissed and made up with Sam Milby, she called up Anne right away to get the true story right from, so to speak, the horse's mouth. Anne informed her that it's not true they're together again. "Hindi raw sila nagkabalikan ni Sam," she announced. "But they're in better terms and now text each other."

We asked Ruffa how she feels about Pops' joining "Betty La Fea". "Of course, I'm happy about it kasi magkaibigan kami and it'd be nice to work together para mas makapag-bonding kami nang husto," she says. "But you know what, ABS just informed me that they're giving the cast of 'Betty La Fea' a blow out kasi ang taas-taas ng rating namin nationwide: 36%. And I'm sure we'll gain more viewership now that paganda nang paganda ang show with the introduction of more interesting characters like Pops and Jericho."



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