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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why did Rustom Padilla ‘kill’ Rustom Padilla?

The first time Rustom Padilla appeared in public dressed as a woman during last year’s Urian Awards, he drew nothing more than giggles. After all, he said he was doing it because he was “internalizing” for a future role as, yes, a woman.

But a few days ago when he flew in from New York dressed, again, as a woman, Rustom elicited more than just amusement but mild concern, you know: Is he really serious about becoming, hmmmm, a “real” woman?

“Rustom Padilla is dead!,” the former Rustom Padilla insists when she is addressed by her former name. “I am now Bebe Gandanghari.”

Rustom, err, Bebe related that she now acts and sounds like a woman that the Taiwanese lady seated beside her on the Eva Air flight from New York never suspected anything unusual. “Tawa ako nang tawa,” she said, “but very ladylike, of course.”

During her three-month stay in New York, Bebe said she hooked up with modeling agencies and tried to make “connections.” But contrary to what many people suspected, Bebe didn’t take any pills for female-hormone formation nor did she undergo any psychological counseling in preparation for a sex change.

“Sex change? I haven’t seriously thought of that,” said Bebe who, according to showbiz-observers, now looks strikingly like her ex-wife Carmina Villarroel (now Zoren Legaspi’s beloved). “My role model is Audrey Hepburn. Siya ang gusto kong gayahin.”

If offered a project with Carmina, what roles should they play, sisters or mother and daughter (who’s the mother and who’s the daughter)?

“Not naman mother and daughter, sisters na lang. Hahahaha!”

The Padillas, led by their mom Eva Cariño, seem to be one in saying that wherever their sibling is happy, it’s okay with them — “Basta huwag lang siyang lalabag sa batas ng Diyos.”

By that, Bebe presumed that Mama Eva was referring to, well, falling in love and/or having sex.

“My mom doesn’t have to worry,” assured Bebe, “because I’m not promiscuous.”

Asked if she plans to eventually settle down with the man of her dreams, Bebe smiled.

“I don’t want to grow old alone.”

Reminded that she was doing very well as Rustom Padilla the macho actor (in such films as Mistah and Yamashita Treasure, etc.), Bebe promptly replied, “It means that I was a good actress!”

Thank you, Rustom Padilla!

“Correction, please! Rustom Padilla is dead. You are talking to Bebe Gandanghari!”



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At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dapat lang talaga itawag dyan ay 'halukay bebe gandanghari'.

kce pang halukay ang ari nyan eh........hehehehehe


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