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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doing Lolita in a Rosa Mia film

Rosanna Roces has done loud, talky roles. She has even bared her skin on the big screen. Pasang Krus written and directed by Neal “Buboy” Tan shows Rosanna in a different light — a selfless mother and a restrained actress. Yes, she will do Lolita Rodriguez slashed All Mine To Give.

“My goal is to move the foreigners and touch their hearts,” says Rosanna of her prime motivation for her another indie outing after Aurora, Manila By Night and Karera. “It‘s a challenge to bring out their soft side unlike Pinoys who can easily cry over heart-wrenching scenes.”

That’s one good thing Rosanna’s hiatus from the klieg lights has done her. “It is different now,” shares the Armida Siguion-Reyna actress. “I did showbiz to earn a living then. Now, I act for my craft and to hone it.”

This, she realized when Rosanna worked with actors like Ronnie Lazaro. She has learned she can still raise the bar in her acting.

“Acting is like a diamond,” Rosanna mouths a cliché. “It can be escalated or controlled.”

Expected to hit local theaters in April, Pasang Krus is about Hermina who lives a comfortable life in Isabela with a loving husband and beautiful children. But Lady Luck plays on her when her family gets involved in a land dispute with a big-time politician. That turns Hermina’s life 360 degrees.

“I accept a project if it has touched me,” says Rosanna. “And if it has made me cry without knowing it which I did when I read the 36th page of the (Pasang Krus) script.

“My character’s story is compelling,” she adds. “Her husband was murdered. Her daughter is separated from her and is nowhere to be found. Her son is a drug pusher while the other one is in jail. She has had a series of sufferings and misfortunes but she never loses hope and faith.”

Direk Buboy says Pasang Krus is also a tribute to Rosa Mia, a Sampaguita Pictures star, and a stereotype of her movies. A typical Rosa Mia starrer depicts the typical Filipina mother who always puts her children’s welfare above everything. The tearjerker doesn’t give everybody a brief escape from the harsh realities of life nor offer solutions to them. It just inspires Juan dela Cruz to emerge victorious in his every fight.

The movie also stars Joross Gamboa, Empress Shuck, Ketchup Eusebio, BJ Morales, Christian Burke, Carlos Morales, Jett Alcantara, Swarding, Jordan Castillo and Maricar Santos.

Will moviegoers see another symbolism in Pasang Krus like Rosanna’s transparent bag courtesy of Kris Aquino in Curacha: Ang Babaing Walang Pahinga?

“I think there are,” answers Rosanna. “The movie will show my being a mother. You will see your mom in it and yourself as a child. You will love your mom more after watching it.”

Does the movie have an empowering effect on women?

“I don’t like the words empowered women,” says Rosanna. “I was once and my marriage failed. I believe

the husband should still be the man of the house; and he needs a woman. Remember, behind every man’s success is a woman. But once a woman becomes a mother, she can do everything without a man in her life.”



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