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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Karylle torn between Jericho and Christian

KARYLLE used to be with Universal Records but she now launches a new album for PolyEast. “No problem,” says PolyEast boss Ramon Chuaying. “We’re sister companies anyway and we both believe in Karylle’s talent.”

Karylle’s album is titled “Time for Letting Go” and it sounds like it’s dedicated to ex-BF Dingdong Dantes. Truth is, most of the songs in the album can be connected with her breakup with Dingdong. Is this intentional?

“The album aims to help those who’ve gone through painful experience and want to bounce back,” she says. “The retreat I took and the counseling sessions I had with Fr. Ted Gonzales of Center for Family Ministries at the Ateneo helped me a lot and I’m glad I chose to be open about the whole experience and face the problem head on. As a result, I met a lot of good people who inspired so many realizations because they found similar bumps and sparks of light in their own journeys. I learned of the five stages to bouncing back and they’re reflected in my songs. First is Denial, when you keep saying you’re okay when you’re not. This is in the song ‘Hulog ng Langit’. Then, it’s Anger, and this is in the songs ‘Almost Over You’ and ‘You’ve Made Me Stronger.’ Third is Depression, which is very tough but thank God, my family and friends helped me through it. This is in the song ‘I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me’, which is my album’s lead single. Next is Bargaining, the longest stage when one bargains whether you should stay or go on. You keep on asking yourself the question ‘What else could have I done to save the relationship?’ This is in the songs ‘Minamahal Kita’, ‘Touch Me in the Morning’, ‘Wala Na Ba ang Lahat’, ‘I Live for Your Love’ and my duet with Martin Nievera, ‘The Best of Me’. The last stage is Acceptance. In my journal, I wrote: ‘I have to let go of the beautiful future I’d imagined with my special someone. Beautiful as it was, it’s now just a dream we once shared. I must let go of it to make way for newer, bigger and better dreams.’ And I did. This is reflected in the songs ‘Something New in My Life’ and ‘Leaving Yesterday’ (an OPM original by Keno).”

Karylle has definitely moved on. She’s prettier now and as her Bench endorsement proclaims: “Single is sexy’. She has projects with ABS-CBN (she’s in the new KC Concepcion-Piolo Pascual soap “Lovers in Paris”) and she believes this first album with PolyEast will further forward her career as a singer. She’s being linked now to Jericho Rosales and Christian Bautista, but she says she’d rather give her heart a rest.

“I’m not ready yet to commit again. So many good opportunities are happening in my career and I’d rather prioritize them muna more than anything else. Ipo-promote ko pa ang album kong ‘Time for Letting Go’ in various shows so dun muna ang focus ko.”

Does she maintain communication with Dingdong? “We talk naman kasi we’re still business associates. But hanggang doon na lang muna.”



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