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Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Bayani Agbayani at fault?

Bayani Agbayani was caught in a controversial video of him shouting expletives obviously provoked and clueless that he was being recorded. The video was circulated on YouTube. Although the video was hazy and dark, Yani was recognizable with his distinct voice. The video was taken during a parking lot altercation between Bayani and some men at The Fort.

While trying to maneuver his car backwards at a parking lot, Bayani accidentally hit another car. Bayani explained, apologized and paid for the damage he has caused but one of the car owner’s companions allegedly started to provoke him. Bayani retaliated by challenging him to a face-off.

While the commotion was going on, another companion of the owner of the car he had hit started videotaping the incident and then posted it on YouTube.

“I was not dead drunk. I could not have driven my car home kung lasing na lasing ako. I live in Commonwealth,” he explained. What was so unfair according to Bayani was they took a video of him while the heated confrontation was happening.

Bayani feels bad it had happened and says sorry to his fans. “Karamihan mga bata ang nanunood sa akin. Pasensiya na po pati sa mga nanay.”

Bayani has already settled the issue right where the incident happened and has paid for damages due. He has learned lessons in propriety and prudence from the incident.



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