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Monday, April 06, 2009

Does GlutaMAX work?

Does GlutaMAX whitening soap work? Read this story. Such is the irony of vanity that the black is obssesed with becoming white and the white of becoming black.

Is it any wonder that many Filipinas who should be proud of their being kayumangging kaligatan would move heaven and earth to have a fair skin — as in “flawless” — that’s why distributors of whitening creams are selling their stuff like hot pandesal and laughing all the way to the bank?

But whoever enlisted Jacqui O. (formerly Jinky Oda; real name: Jacqueline Oda Santillan) as GlutaMAX endorser for the YSA Skin Care Corporation hit on a brilliant idea. Imagine turning a negra (as Jacqui O. herself self-deprecatingly describes herself) into a “flawless”. Her transformation is so amazing that she is making a docktora insecure enough to demand that Jacqui O.’s “Ebony to Irovy” billboards be torn down pronto for, ehem, “false advertising.”

“But my complexion didn’t really turn white,” explained the 50-percent Afro-American Jacqui O. (who changed her first name because it has become synonymous to “jinx”). “It has only become lighter. What happened was ‘lightening’ but not ‘whitening’.”

Owned and managed by Dr. Isabel Lopez (whose early patients included Dr. Vicki Belo who was treated for acne and for her weight problem), YSA was founded in 1985 at Dr. Nazal’s garage converted into a small skin-care clinic which she initially named Clinica Dermatologica. She formulated products that catered specifically to her patients’ needs, including the brisk-selling GlutaMAX Lightening Soap which Jacqui O. has been using even before she became its endorser.

A single mother to a 14-year-old handsome boy (who’s the spitting image of his father), Jacqui O. faded out of the showbiz scene a few years ago. She is widely known as Bale, the character she played in the top-rated fantasy TV series Okey Ka, Fairy Ko (made thrice into a movie, with Vic Sotto topbilled as Enteng Kabisote).

“I have found a purpose in life when I joined the Victory Christian Fellowship,” said Jacqui O. who finished a Cross-Cultural course and is a holder of a B.S. Nursing degree (from St. Rita, Manila).

What preoccupies her these days is the ministerial work (with 10 Filipinos and 10 from other countries) which has brought her to several countries including Australia where she was based for almost two years and other Asian countries.



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At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Filipinos are ashamed of thier true color, which is black. I saw that sick plasitic/false advertisement (Glutamax) billboard of a beautiful black princess (ebony) so-called change her into someone else (powered black face) not so beautiful; not a pure black woman. This country is brain washed and confused on looking white. Jesus is coming in the true image of himself. Jesus is not white!!! Read your bible and get that caveman looking Jesus off the walls. You all may have Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese blood in you. Guess what, you will always be Black.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before I get started I just want to say I know this is a controversial topic. This discussion is to start a healthy dialogue on the international crisis of skin whitening.
Everyday each one of us look in the mirror and see at least one thing we don’t like about ourselves and would love to change if the opportunity presented itself.

I recalled the episode dealt with several different women who hated their god-given skin tone and were doing very dangerous things to in order to become a shade lighter.

There were two distributing segments. One was when one parent to three adorable little black boys admitted she put skin whitening cream on her children every day. The second moment was when a expert informed the women that by using skin whitening products they could end up with serious injuries and could even lead to death. Even after the ladies heard about the deadly consequences they still did not agree to stop using the products. They wanted lighter skin by any means necessary.

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Makari ad was showing on my site and I had it removed. When I clicked on the link and read what the site said I was shocked. It said something to the effect of “Have you ever noticed the most famous and beautiful Black, Hispanic and Indian women are all light skinned?”. I was shocked- just shocked and requested it be taken down. So visit the Makari site and click on a few links and you will find what I am talking about. Sadly, this product is promoted in so many Black magazines and uses a dark complected woman and yet their own website espoused something totally different.

At 3:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ganyan mga comments ng mga taong walang pambili ng whitening pills tsk tsk tsk

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well people have their personal reason why they want to be whiter or have lighter complexion..sometimes naman it's not just for vanity's sake, let's just respect their choice..

maitim or maputi, mayaman or mahirap ganun pa din ang tao, at the end of the day your responsible on the consequences of your choice, your resp for your own happiness whatever your complexion is... :)

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

life is too short to even care with what other people think. these people earn their own money and would most definitely want it to be spend in the way that would serve their interests at its best.

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

being a white or brown complexion is no big deal at all as long as we are healthy and happy. If you are happy of what God's give you then so be it. If not then, it's up to you to change your complexion. We, human have this feeling of not being contented of what we have.

At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I don't believe in BELLO SOAPS, MAXI PEEL, LIKAS, AND ETC. they are all FAKE!. However, I have tried all of these product because of my ACNE SCARS ON MY FACE! So, for all of you out there that's trying to become LIGHTER, GET A GRIP!! ALWAYS REMEMBER BEAUTY FADES! I have been using these soaps forever and did not change my skin tone one bit! These PEOPLE ARE MAKING MONEY OUT OF YOU! DON'T BE STUPID! IM THINKING OF SUEING THEM!


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