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Saturday, May 16, 2009

David Cook at David Archuleta shocked sa dami ng fans sa ’Pinas

Humarap na sa local press last Thursday sina David Cook at David Archuleta ng American Idol Season 7 na naririto ngayon para sa concert na gaganapin mamayang gabi sa SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Kahit strictly invitational ang imbitasyon ng Fearless Productions sa naturang presscon held at the Isla Ballroom ng Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Hotel, marami pa ring nakapasok na fans na hindi pinalampas ang pagkakataong makita ang dalawang David at makapagpapirma’t magpakuha ng picture.

Namataan namin ang isa sa producers na si Jomari Yllana na, in fairness, hindi patatalbog sa dalawang David pagdating sa kaguwapuhan.

Anyway, dahil sa hindi magandang audio system ng venue, nahirapan ang press people na intindihin ang sinasabi ng dalawang David, na very accommodating pa naman sa mga katanungan.

Narito, more or less, ang ilang questions and answers sa presscon:

Question: What convinced you to perform here?

Cook: Practically they asked. I mean, I just wanna play anywhere and everywhere, so, when the question was brought up, it was an easy yes.

Q: Were you surprised with your popularity in the Philippines?

Archuleta: I knew there were fans here I just didn’t realize how many fans…

C: I remember I got restless at the hotel, because it’s been like get up to dress, go back to bed, eat stuff, like that.

“Yesterday I got to do something, went to the mall across the street and you know, two stores in, there’s like a mob of like a 100 or 200 people just kind of following us around the mall, and that doesn’t happen at home at all, so, it was unnerving but very humbling. “I don’t know, I think to come this far from home and see this amount of support, you know, not just for me, not for us, but for the show, that’s a huge thing.

“I think that’s what American Idol is really all about. It’s finding people who otherwise wouldn’t have been found and giving them this platform to go around the world to do something they love to do.

Q: Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert (top two finalists of ongoing Americal Idol Season 8), who do you think will win?

C: Following a little bit, it’s been tough for both of us being on the road. For me, I have this theory that the same person wins every year, not Simon Cowell (one of the judges of Americal Idol).

“Past that, I really think between everybody that’s left, I think it’s anybody’s game. I don’t know, I think there was no clear cut between the two of us last year either, so…

A: I haven’t really been able to keep up with, you know, all the shows. So, I haven’t gotten to see all the performances the day that Adam and Kris both did.

“But I did get to see last night’s show and I think they both did just like great. I’m just like really impressed. They both have skills and different ways of music and I’m really interested in seeing where both of them will go and the way they’ll do their own projects because they’re both just really talented guys.

Q: What is your impression of the Philippines before you came here and when you arrived. Have you tasted any Filipino dish and did you like any?

C: I had two people that kind of gave me a little bit of info about the Philippines before I got here. (One was) An old HS (high school) friend of mine who travels here and studies abroad.

“Basically, the things that they told me revolved around just how beautiful this country is and how nice the people are. You’re very nice. I mean, to actually travel out here and have the reception that we got, that just affirms a lot of things that my friends have been saying.

“I don’t know, but I’ve never...personally ever received as warm a welcome as I did when I walked off the airplane after 24 hours of travel and I looked terrible, and people are just losing it.

“It was very cool and from what I’ve seen in the country, so far, it’s amazing. Very beautiful.

A: He’s so much better at talking than I am. It’s kind of the same thing. You don’t really know what to expect. With the amount of people (that) recognize you, and also just the way the culture is and what it’s gonna be like and stuff. So, I really didn’t have much of a very good idea of what it was gonna be like coming here.

“But being here, I’m pleasantly surprised with just everything, the way things have been going, and we’ve only been here a couple of days, its already been just an amazing experience.

C: Apparently, I keep telling them they’re nice people, they clap. So, that’s cool.

(At this point, tinanong ni Cook si DJ Mo Twister, moderator ng presscon, kung ano nga ang tawag sa pagkaing Pinoy na hindi kayang kainin ng kanyang manager at sinagot naman ni DJ Mo na ‘balut.’)

C: Yes. I’ll try it. I tried out for a TV show, so, I’ve got the ambition.

Q: What’s the most difficult part of being famous?

A: That depends on what your mood is kinda like. What you’re able to handle at the time. One thing that’s really difficult is being away from home, being away to your family.

“I love traveling and stuff, that’s always a lot of fun. But just being able to hang out with like your brothers and sisters, your friends is always fun, so, you know, I feel kinda bad sometimes.

“I’m kind of missing out on their little faces, typical teenage faces that kids go through. It’s fun keeping in touch with them because I don’t think I would have appreciated them as much if I didn’t leave.

“So, now that I’ve left, I’ve gained a much greater appreciation of my family and my brothers and sisters even though sometimes they can get on your nerves.

C: The hardest part of being famous, for me, is hanging out with him (referring to Archuleta). I was kidding, I was kidding.

“Actually, I’ll second what he said. I’m very close to my family and especially in the last year, I’ve missed on a lot of big things. Like I have a new nephew, I missed the first steps and all that stuff.

“I think right now, I think I can speak for Archie (pet name ni Archuleta) when I say this, we’ve both been given an amazing level of support by our families that allows us to do stuff like this. To be able to chase this stuff now while we’re young and have the opportunity.



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At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of "American Idols" and I'm excited that the two Davids are here. It would have been better though, that they can also guest in other TV shows like Myx. I have nothing against Pia Guanio but she's kinda at loss for words when she's interviewing the two Idols. The VJ's in Myx are much better.

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

si pia kce nasanay na sa pagtatanong ng kung anu anong bagay na walang katuturan o kabobohan.

at pasosyal pa ang kumo na pa-ingles ingles pa ang kumag.........hehehehehehe



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