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Monday, June 08, 2009

Kris Aquino and James practice "rhythm"

Like some expectant mothers, Kris Aquino said she made Joshua, who has just turned 14, and James, who turned two years old last April, listen to (preferably) soothing music while they were inside her tummy.

“It helps the baby’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient) develop very well,” said Kris who has come up with a double-disc “edu-taining” album for Star Records titled Kris and Baby James: We Are 1, consisting of songs calculated to strengthen the bond between not only Kris and Baby James but that of any mother and child.

“The songs cover the time a mother is infanticipating to the period from the baby’s age-zero to six months when the mom is breastfeeding to the time the baby is starting to take his first steps. I went through all that, so I can identify with the songs that I helped handpick.”

On the booklet, the lyrics of the songs (in English and Tagalog), most of them nursery rhymes (Humpty Dumpty, I Have Two Hands, Tong Tong Tong Pakitong Kitong, etc.), are accompanied by cute sketches (a feeding bottle, a rubber duckie on a baby bathtub, a donkey jumping over the moon, etc.), an alphabet/numbers/days-of-the-week charts and pictures of Kris and Baby James at play. The album, conceptualized by Annabelle Regalado-Borja who also co-produced it with Star Cinema managing director Malou N. Santos, includes a song (Thank God I Found You) by Piolo Pascual and those by Aiza Seguerra (Someone’s Waiting For You) and Gary Valenciano (You Are The Love Of My Life).

Throughout the hour-long presscon/album-launch last Friday, Baby James sat on Mama Kris’ lap expression-less, wondering perhaps what his mom was talking non-stop about.

Told that Baby James looks very much like Papa James Yap, Kris protested.

“Sabi nila, ako ang kamukha. But when he watches the PBA Games, sinasabi nila na James na James ang hitsura niya. I think it’s because his body type is like that of his dad. O baka naman mahina talaga ang dugo ko.”

At home, revealed Kris, Baby James is actually hyperactive, malikot na malikot. He wrestles with Papa James, talks a lot and sits beside her when she watches Gossip Girl, her favorite TV show.

“But when he’s in front of the camera, behaved na behaved siya.” When Baby James was an infant, Joshua became a bit insecure and jealous and asked Kris to return Baby James to her tummy, pronto! Now they are the best of buddies.

Kris said that Joshua now stands 6’1" (and weighs 276 lbs.).

“According to the pediatrician, you measure the height of a child at two years and multiply that by two, and that will be his height as an adult. It’s 87 to 90 percent accurate daw. When we measured Baby James, the estimate is that he would grow as tall as 6’3" or 6’4". We are a family of giants,” she said, adding, “ako lang ang midget.”

How different are the two boys growing up?

“Very different,” she said. “Joshua has special needs but ang ganda ng development niya as he grows up; malaki ang improvement ng behavior niya. Iba si Baby James. My mom said akong-ako daw siya — you know, kaway nang kaway sa tao, flying kiss nang flying kiss. Very showbiz!”

Busy Monday through Friday with ABS-CBN shows Pinoy Bingo Night and SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon, with Boy Abunda as co-host), and The Buzz (also with Boy and Ruffa Gutierrez) on Sundays, how can she spend quality time with her two little boys, plus one big boy (Papa James)?

“You know, SNN has been a blessing. With the exception of Tuesdays and Wednesdays, on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays I’m able to have lunch with Baby James and dinner with Josh and James. The whole of Saturday is devoted to my mom. That’s my bonding time with her. I go see her starting at 6 a.m. We hear Mass together as a family and then we have dinner together.”

In August, the Yaps are going on a three-week holiday in Florida where they will visit all the playgrounds there is, from the Disney World to the Animal Kingdom to the Sea World to the Disney Hollywood Studios to the Universal Studio, etc.

“Everything has been booked in advance,” assured Kris. “Kinareer ko talaga ang pagplaplano ng trip namin, including entrance tickets.”

By the way, how is her mom?

“She’s okay. She had internal radiation therapy Sunday last week. Very strict ang instructions ng doctor for us to stay at least two meters away from her. Ako ang nagbantay, so I was reminded not to go near her baka daw maapektuhan ang chances ko of having another baby. My mom is an ideal patient. She never complains. Even if she may be in pain, she doesn’t show it.”

Kris suffered a miscarriage (it would have been her third baby) early last year at about the same time her mom was diagnosed with colon cancer.

So when is she and James having another baby?

“I developed a clot in my lungs when I gave birth to Baby James, and the doctor said that women with that ailment shouldn’t be on the pill. So kami ni James ay nagbibilang. I almost died having Baby James, so my mom said, ‘Mag-ingat naman kayong dalawa at magbilang kayo ng tama.’ But if God wills it, then we can have another baby.”

Meanwhile, are they practising birth control?

“Yes,” said Kris. “Rhythm.”

Asked further if they also practice, hmmmm, “self-control,” Kris paused and said, “Hey, this presscon is for a children’s album!”
Oh well, oo nga naman. Oo nga pala!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the “rhythm” of Kris and (Papa) James, “musical” in its own way.



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