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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zsa Zsa Padilla still mad at Dingdong for hurting Karylle

ZSA ZSA Padilla's last album was made seven years ago with Viva Records. She has since moved to PolyEast, where her daughter Karylle released an album recently. Why the seven-year gap?

"I was fighting kasi for an all original OPM album but Viva failed to give it to me," she says. "Then this offer from PolyEast came, 'Unchanging Love'. Hindi rin all original, sa next album ko na raw yun, but it does have original Tagalog songs, 'Kung', 'Iibigin Kita Muli' and 'Pagmamahal na Walang Wakas'."

After singing with Hotdog briefly, Zsa Zsa went solo with the song "Kahit Na" exactly 26 years ago. "I'm glad I'm still around and continues to record new albums."

What does she intend to do with Dolphy on Father's Day and when he celebrates his birthday in July? "Wala pang plans. Di ba dapat, his kids should plan for him for Father's Day. As for his birthday, I'm sure there'll be a celebration. Last year was memorable kasi ABS gave him a concert and named their theatre after him."

Is it true she's eligible now to marry but she no longer wants to walk down the aisle with Dolphy? "No. My annulment case is still going on. There's a story to that but I'm not allowed to discuss it. Six years na 'yung annulment case, baka ma-extend pa if I talk about it. There was a time we planned the wedding na at nang di matuloy, I went into a deep depression at naging traumatic for me. But a doctor friend told me that weddings are usually done to start a married life. In our case ni Dolphy, more than 20 years na kami and what else do we have to prove daw? Which is true naman, mas matagal pa kami kaysa other showbiz marriages. We have nothing else to prove as our relationship has withstood the test of time. Noon nga, pronounced pa ang age difference namin. But now, I'm 45 and he's 81, kaya malapit na kaming mag-abot."

Is she happy with the way ABS handles Karylle's career? "Oo naman. If there's an upside sa breakup that happened to her, it's the fact that people saw the grace in her. I'm really proud that she's a graceful person. Naiisip ko nga, ang babait lahat ng daughters ko, pati sina Zia and Nicole. I must have done something good and even Dolphy said, Oo nga, ang babait ng mga anak mo."

Has she seen Dingdong Dantes after the split? "Not yet. I'm praying for that nga, e, kasi I don't know how I'd feel dahil nakita ko kung paano nasaktan ang anak ko. Kung si Kay, graceful about it, ako, napo-provoke, e. I just hope we'll have a good encounter. The truth is may pictures pa siya sa bahay namin up to now kasi we really considered him a part of our family."

How does she feel about the trouble that her friend Dr. Vicki Belo is facing right now, considering she's a Belo endorser? "I don't know, nakikitsismis din lang ako, e. I haven't seen the videos and I have no itention of seeing them. I pray she'll get through this unscathed. Lilipas din naman ito."

Vicki fell for a much younger man. Would she consider herself wiser as she fell for a much older man? "I guess so, but if you're old, siguro having a much younger partner does make you feel better, which must be the reason why Dolphy fell for me. But no matter what your ages are, the important thing is to just have mutual love and respect for each other."



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At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The title is MISLEADING!!! hindi naman yun ang ibig sabihin ni Ms. Z sa interview niya..Sana naman kung ano ang dapat pag usapan like this article is about her album, sana dun naka frustrating to read as such na kahit walang ibig sabihin sa kanya, ang iba nilalagyan ng malisya. Ms. Zsa Zsa is such a very nice person...only if you knw her that much.


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