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Friday, July 10, 2009

Willie's 'dream girl' unveiled

Siya na nga ba?

Those who have seen the MTV of Willie Revillame’s new hit single Ikaw Na Nga (also composed by Vehnee Saturno like some of Willie’s songs) must be wondering if the pretty girl featured on horseback with the Wowowee host is his “dream girl” in real life. And who could she be?

The epitome of beauty and brains, she’s none other than Isabelle Daza, daughter of 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz (oops! sorry, Glory, can’t help attaching that “eternal” title to your name) and ex-husband Bong Daza.

Asked if Isabelle is, you know, siya na nga ba, Willie (rumored to be “sweet” with a CEU student) could only sigh, “How I wish!” He’s hanging on Cloud 9.

The next question is: How was he able to get Isabelle’s nod to co-star with him in the MTV, considering how painfully shy Isabelle can sometimes be?

“Well,” Isabelle told Funfare in an exclusive interview, “I was in Europe when my mom called me, ‘Do you want to do a music video?’ She told me it was going to be with Mr. Willie Revillame. I wasn’t too sure because I’m shy, so I told my mom, ‘Can we talk about it when I get home?’ She said the song is nice; it’s No. 1 now. ‘You’re gonna be the Dream Girl in it; it’s going to be shot in Baguio.’ So I said, ‘Okay, I don’t mind doing it.’ So, that’s it.”

In Europe, Isabelle was on a month-long holiday with friends (Raymond Gutierrez, Anne Curtis and John Lloyd Cruz’s ex-girlfriend Liz Uy, among them) and, after visiting, among other places, Prague, Venice and Rome, she proceeded to Madrid where she took up a three-week crash course in Spanish — “So I could converse to my (maternal) grandmother in Spanish; she’s a Spanish teacher, you know. Besides, my mom’s whole family speaks Spanish, so I said, ‘Why not?’ I wasn’t doing anything that summer anyway.”

Before shooting the MTV, Isabelle met Willie when he dropped by Gloria’s house to have coffee.

“My mom was a guest on his show once. At our home, my cousins and I talked to Willie and got to know him better.”

The one-day MTV shoot was extended to two days because of the rain. A good horseback-rider, the athletic Isabelle (who also plays football) found it a breeze.

“It was fun. Tito Willie was so afraid he would fall and he was screaming, ‘Ibaba mo na ako!’ Put me down, you know. Funny guy. On the set, he was making a lot of jokes to make me less uptight and more comfortable. Even during the shoot, he continued making jokes. I was laughing all the time. Also, his staff was very nice. We got along well. We would eat together.”

Isabelle was chaperoned by her yaya, her mom’s maid and another lady. Safe and secure.

Told that Willie said that she’s his “dream girl” in real life, Isabelle was surprised.

“Really? I didn’t know that! Besides being funny, he’s simple and down-to-earth. His staff really, really loves, respects and takes care of him. I think he’s really humble, very low-key, low maintenance. He told me about his rags-to-riches life story. I think it’s amazing for someone like him to maintain his humility. Even if he’s earning a lot of money, it doesn’t take much to make him happy. Give him hot chocolate for merienda and he’s happy na.”

Asked if she’s, ehem, fancy-free, Isabelle stammered, “Well, it’s something private, so...”

Would she accept an offer to be one of Willie’s Wowowee co-hosts, Isabelle hesitated, “Well, right now, I’m about to graduate (De La Salle University), finishing my studies in Early Childhood Education with some Marketing and Business courses. After I graduate, I’m going to see what I’m going to study next. I’m not so sure yet what I’m gonna do.”


“My mom is in showbiz and so are some of my friends. But I’m not ready to enter showbiz.”


“It’s a tough field. So many talented and beautiful people, and so many intriga. The competition is cut-throat. I don’t want to make siksik there. It’s scary!”



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