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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Winners: 5th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival

List of winners: 5th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival

Best Actress: Ina Feleo (Sanglaan)

Best Actor: Lou Veloso (Colorum)

Best Supporting Actress: Tessie Tomas (Sanglaan)

Best Supporting Actor: Arnold Reyes (Astig)

Best Director: GB Sampedro (Astig)

Best Film: Last Supper No. 3

National Council for Children’s Television Award: Dinig Sana Kita

Audience Choice (Full Length): Dinig Sana Kita

Special Jury Award: Colorum and Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe

NETPAC Award: Baseco Bakal Boys

Best Screenplay: Nerseri

Best Cinematography: 24K

Best Production Design: Mangatyanan

Best Editing: Astig

Best Musical Score: Dinig Sana Kita

Best Sound Recording: Astig

Best Short Film: Bonsai

Special Jury Award: Blogog

Audience Choice (Shorts): Tatang

Best Director (Shorts): Dexter B. Cayanes (Musa)

Best Screenplay (Shorts): Behind Closed Doors



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