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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Derek Ramsay, not just your ordinary hunk

Derek Ramsay could be the perfect rebound boyfriend of Bea Alonzo in the movie One More Chance. That’s what the hopeless romantics hoped for but their characters were just friends — no strings attached.

In the latest Star Cinema offering And I Love You So which will hit theaters on Aug. 12, Derek and Bea will never disappoint us. They are finally a couple this time around.

“It’s completely different,” offers the half-Brit, half-Filipino actor. “Bea and I are partners. We are in love with each other.”

But what makes the movie extra different from One More Chance is the character Derek portrays.

“My character (Oliver) is me and who I am,” shares Derek. “Like him, I give everything when I fall in love. I give a hundred percent and even more. When I read the script, I thought it will be easy because it’s me.”

Derek adds his familiarity with Oliver has helped him to easily understand the character and to relate where he is coming from. It doesn’t mean, however, that he has never had first-time jitters doing the project. The challenge for Derek is to be directed by Laurenti Dyogi for the first time.

Derek admits he was nervous that he might not meet Dyogi’s demands in the beginning. At the end of each take, however, Derek played the part perfectly and “never complained” as Dyogi put it. The experience was like starting all over again for Derek, unlike Bea and Sam who worked with Dyogi in Now That I Have You and Pinoy Big Brother, respectively. This shows the actor in Derek.

“I’m not the type who tries to wing it,” Derek describes himself as an actor and performer. “I don’t want to be embarrassed. I won’t jump in there unless I’m ready.”

To play Oliver, Derek also looked into his present relationship with girlfriend Angelica Panganiban and fell in love with the story.

“A lot of what you see in the movie is what I am with Angel,” says Derek. “Having a (stable, happy) relationship has helped me in my portrayal. If you go into this with full of heartaches, it will be hard to play a happy character.”

“The movie is about me being in love, being happy and finding the perfect person,” adds Derek.

And I Love You So is about pre-school teacher Lara (played by Bea) who lost her husband after five months of blissful marriage. Lara meets Oliver and Chris (Sam Milby) in her emotional roller coaster life. The movie presents a woman in mourning struggling to survive life’s unexpected twists and turns. Lara’s agony is reminiscent of Hillary Swank’s role in P.S. I Love You. Will Lara finally move on, find herself or meet another great love?

Bea shares, “Lara is in a perfect relationship but in an imperfect situation.”

Also in the movie are Connie Reyes, Nikki Gil and Candy Pangilinan. Complementing the melancholic story is the theme And I Love You So performed by Sam. The song is included in the Rockoustic Heartthrob’s A Little Too Perfect Reloaded album. Other tunes are Only You and Can’t Help Falling In Love.

Asked if Derek has experienced mending a broken heart, the Cosmo certified hunk replies, “Of course, I don’t know if a lot of people notice that I am an emotional guy. I don’t have to cry to show that I’m hurt. I can keep it inside but I do get hurt.”

Also seen in ABS-CBN’s The Wedding and Komiks Presents Nasaan Ka Maruja?, Derek is thankful for the good projects and meaty roles entrusted him.

“I’m still learning,” says Derek. “I’m a sponge. The more opportunities to work with different actors give me more room to learn. I learn from the biggest stars, supporting cast and crew.”

Which is more difficult: Loving someone who doesn’t love you or saying goodbye to someone you truly love?

“The latter is much harder,” answers Derek. “It is also painful to love someone who doesn’t reciprocate your love but you can still have some kind of relationship like friendship with that person. Saying goodbye to someone you love hurts more because you gave your heart and you made a partnership with that person.”

That makes Derek a man — not just a hunk.



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