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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kim Chiu avoids seeing Gerald in the buff

DEFINITELY, the recently concluded Cosmo Bachelor Bash held at the NBC Tent added great confidence to Gerald Anderson. The successful event witnessed how the Tayong Dalawa male lead wowed the crowd when he did the ramp displaying his lean physique.

“I really enjoyed the experience. It gave me a different high when the audience cheered for me while I was doing the catwalk. I painstakingly prepared for two months for the event. I visited the gym regularly and watched my diet. It feels great that all my efforts were rewarded,” he states.

Many were looking for Kim Chiu during the affair.

“I invited her. But I understand if she didn’t show up since she’s not really fond of this kind of gatherings and aside from that, she’s protecting her image as a wholesome star.”

But according to the good-looking matinee idol, his perennial screen partner is supportive of his new image.

“Actually, she encourages me to develop my body better and I appreciate her concern.”

He has done it on the catwalk. What if Kim also decides to do the same in the future, will he also be supportive?

“I’m afraid I won’t. I’m used to her wholesome image. I hope she just maintains it instead. But if she would really like to give it a try, I would extend her my support.”

Interestingly, during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, he and rival Aljur Abrenica received the most thunderous applause. Didn’t he feel the competition that evening?

“Personally, I didn’t. It was one fun event. All of us who did the catwalk had our own moments. With Aljur, we even became friends because of the affair. In fact, we exchanged phone numbers and are planning to play basketball one of these days.”



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