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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kris Aquino nagtatampo sa pamilya

Kung tatakbong senador si Kris Aquino sa 2010 elections ay siguradong panalo siya.

Kung kami ang tatanu-ngin, mas magagampanan ni Kristeta ang paglilingkod kumpara sa kanyang Kuya Noynoy.

Si Kris ay matapang at walang paliguy-ligoy, unlike her brother na ang drama ay pag-iisipan pa kung tatakbo sa mas mataas na posisyon. At kung talino rin lang ang pag-uusapan, namana ni Kris ang talino ng amang si Ninoy Aquino.

We heard, nagtampo si Kris nang makarating sa kanya na may inililihim sa kanya ang mga kapamilya dahil sa pangamba na idal-dal niya ang mga “usapan” ng magkakapatid tungkol sa pagtakbo ni Noynoy.

Nasabi raw tuloy ni Kris na siya na lang ang tatakbong Pangulo or Bise Presidente.



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At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to comment on Kris' advice to his brother Noynoy not get married or stay single. I believe that that comment of Kris is tactless, unsolicited and so selfish of herself. Does she not think of what the girlfriend of Noynoy felt hearing that? I believe that her family should always be careful of Kris 'cause once she opens her mouth it is a disaster. It is but right that her family should keep secrets from her. For you Ms. Kris Aquino, your opinion is not the whole of the Philippines' opinion. It is more of your opinion and more so to your advantage. You are telling the nation that you are not selfish but when you asked Noynoy to stay single always is a sign of selfishness on your part. Joshua is your son and you have your family. I think you should be the one to sacrifice for your son and not the others. You always boast of the many works you are doing, while others are taking care of your special child Joshua. Should you not take care of Joshua's needs before you delegate them to others? I'm just asking. is this the kind of public official we want in our deteriorating country? And to Noynoy, I know you are a good man and you are a wise follower. Will you be really ready to lead our country? Right now, I know you are still thinking about it, if you want to lead the country there should be no more ifs and buts, right now it seems you are already showing your weakness.


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