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Monday, September 07, 2009

Politics over Ate Vi-John Lloyd confrontation scene

THE confrontation scene between Vilma Santos and John Lloyd Cruz in the movie “In My Life” is a blast.

It's a face-off between two thespians, a veteran and a young blood, which manifests that no matter how simple a scene or an oft-repeated dialogues are, the difference lies on how they are delivered. The exchange between Ate Vi and John Lloyd is nothing new, yet they have made it appear like it's from a freshly woven script.

Some people say John Lloyd upstaged Ate Vi in that scene, but we beg to disagree: It's simply what director Olive Lamasan wanted it to be. And Ate Vi only restrained herself from the hysterics, as that's what her character calls for.

Just the same, Star Cinema has opted to edit out John Lloyd's grand standing in the trailer after several days from the theater. Maybe out of respect, they rather have it that Ate Vi capture the scene, than John Lloyd dominating it. That is politics, even in the movies.

We doubt if this decision came from Ate Vi herself, as we know she would not feel insecure at all with the number of awards she has accumulated. Star Cinema should have been more objective than be politicized.

With what they did, two questions have emerged: Did Ate Vi really feel insecure with John Lloyd? Or they didn't want Luis Manzano to feel so left-out as far as acting is concerned? But with this powerful acting, it is hard to miss a movie like In My Life, isn't it?



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