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Friday, October 09, 2009

Courting KC not Piolo's priority

PIOLO Pascual is no greenhorn to romantic comedies but surprisingly, he finds his role in Lovers in Paris something not easy to do.

“People might think that my role here is light and is just chicken feed for me. But because it’s an adaptation of the hit Koreanovela, I have to base my performance on the original actor. That’s the hard part: I have a peg to follow unlike in my previous starrers where I develop my own character,” explains the award-winning heartthrob.

It’s his first time to do a remake of a hit Koreanovela.

“Actually, that’s where the challenge is: how to make the remake as successful as the original.

“But what I can assure the viewers is that we’re exerting our best efforts to make it a must-see show. For one, we made it very Filipino so that the viewers can relate to the characters.”

How does it feel to work with KC?

“Honestly, I felt intimidated at first when I learned that she’d be my leading lady. But as our tapings went by, I’ve seen her dedication to her craft, her thirst to learn more about it.

“On the personal side, she’s a lovable gal. She stays grounded in spite of her privileged stature. She doesn’t throw her weight around. She’s very accommodating and that’s what makes her a cut above the rest.”

The $64 question remains: is he really pursuing her?

“Regarding that, I think it would be better if we focus on the show for the meantime. Our goal is to make it a success. Maybe, after the program’s whole run, I’ll be able to answer that,” Piolo states.


ACCORDING to KC Concepcion, she feels relieved now that “Lovers in Paris” is now airing.

“Well, we’ve been working on this project for several months now. I feel very excited because finally, we are able to see the fruits of our labor and be able to share it with the viewers,” she states.

This is the lovely star’s maiden full-length soap. She admits there is really pressure on her part.

“Honestly, it posed a challenge to me both on the professional and the personal side. I did my best to endear my role Vivian to the viewing public. For one, I incorporated more emotions on the character. I hope that with my performance, the people will accept me as my own actress, and not just the daughter of my famous parents.”



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