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Monday, November 09, 2009

KC Concepcion dares take halik challenge

The newest, coolest dare for the young and young-at-heart is not for those who fidget and hold their breath while in an encounter with the opposite sex. Dubbed as the Closeup Halikmeter Challenge, it is a must-take “rite of passage” of anyone who wants to be in the league of “Certified Closeup Kissables.”

Leading the invitation to take the challenge is KC Concepcion, newest endorser of Closeup with Active Clean Mouthwash who epitomizes what it is to be socially-confident, exuding that wholesome “kissable” personality every young and “kilig-driven” person aspires for.

The next Closeup Halikmeter Challenge invites everyone to measure his level of kissability. The first step begins by accomplishing a “Kissability” quiz which contains questions that assess one’s social style. After ticking the boxes comes the most exciting part. Enter the booth, breathe into the Closeup Halikmeter — an apparatus whose results, handed in privacy, will show the freshness of your breath. Those who aren’t confident enough to take that plunge yet may go to the enclosed brushing area where they can prep themselves up by brushing with Closeup with Active Clean Mouthwash. (Yes, you get to keep the toothbrush.)

Results range from “Halik-shy” (which isn’t bad at all) to the ultimate “Halik-worthy” — the distinction that earns you the high esteem of being in the circle of Certified Closeup Kissables, and perhaps finally gain that confidence to get closer and flash your cutest smile.

Cap the Closeup Halikmeter Challenge by going to the photo booth and posing with KC while you flash your best Closeup smile.



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