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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What was Chin-Chin Gutierrez thinking?

When you saw last night’s episode of the ABS-CBN soap Dahil May Isang Ikaw, you must have wondered if the confrontation scene between Lorna Tolentino (as the mother of Jericho Rosales and...guess who!) and Chin-Chin Gutierrez (as the mother of Karylle) was for real because it was, well, so very realistic.

Was it a “gimmick” to drum up interest on the soap?

No, it was not.

But it was, indeed, for real with Lorna as the poor victim.

According to a Funfare DPA, the script called for Lorna and Chin-Chin to slap each other twice but Chin-Chin must have been so carried away by the scene that she did more than that. She hit Lorna below the lips and left them bruised, and slapped Lorna so hard that her ring got caught in Lorna’s hair, pulling some of it in the process.

Stunned, Lorna continued with the scene even if she was in pain. She was, as per the script, supposed to only scream “Paalisin ang babaing ‘yan!” at Chin-Chin but instead she said, “Paalisin ang p----- g i---g babaing ‘yan!” and instinctively kicked Chin-Chin in the leg. Perfect delivery, even if likewise unscripted. Cut!

A Best Actress grand slam winner, Lorna has never been known to complain in all her years in the business, following directors’ instructions even if if hurts, but this time she’s crying, “Foul!”

Her injuries were so serious that she had to consult a doctor.

“You could have been blinded by the slap that got caught in your hair,” the doctor told Lorna. “Muntik ka nang tamaan sa mata mo.”

Did Chin-Chin apologize?

“Well,” said the DPA, “she did after a long while. And you know what she did? She even prayed over Lorna, putting her hand on Lorna’s head as Chin-Chin prayed with her eyes closed.”

Did that appease Lorna?

Not really.

Somebody who knows Lorna said that she might never want to work with Chin-Chin again.

I wonder, will Lorna ask the scriptwriter of Dahil May Isang Ikaw to just “kill” her character so she won’t see Chin-Chin ever again on the set?

Abangan ang kapana-panabik na kabanata.



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