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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

James on Kris: Loving-loving na uli kami

After a week-long LQ (Lovers’ Quarrel), Kris Aquino and James Yap successfully ironed out whatever differences caused the rift between them during their family vacation in Bangkok. They left last Saturday and they should be back in time for the Aquinos’ media noche celebration — unless they decide to extend their vacation.

In reply to Funfare’s text inquiry, James texted back, “Loving-loving na uli kami.”

It does help to take time out from work and, to quote another cliché, to smell the flowers. For what’s the logic of working yourself to death “for the family” if in the long run it’s the family that will end up the casualty?

With Kris and James are their sons Joshua and James Jr. and the kids’ yayas and some of Kris’ trusted aides.

Cited by Kris herself as among the causes of their latest LQ was her lack of time for James...if you know what that meant. Kris said her first priority was their kids, followed by Noynoy’s all-consuming 2010 campaign. James left on Dec. 17 after his and Kris’ LQ and returned on Dec. 24 to join Kris and her brood at the noche buena at her and James’ Valle Verde home which they are vacating early next year when they move to a new house in Quezon City.

The “honeymoon” in Bangkok was a big help.

See what big trick a little “intimacy” can do!



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