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Friday, December 04, 2009

Luis Manzano denies rumored spat with Angel's dad

LUIS Manzano says he and former girlfriend Angel Locsin are on speaking terms again.

“Yes, we sat down and settled the issues between us. It’s what’s important. At least, I feel relieved now. I’m glad that after not seeing and talking to each other for months, we are on a steady phase at present,” he reveals.

According to the grapevine, it’s not only Angel whom he got to talk with but her dad as well.

“Let me take this opportunity to clear the rumor that there was an alleged exchange of heated words between us. Nothing like that occurred. For one, I can’t do that to him. He’s a decent man and I respect him as much as he respects me too.”

There are speculations that Anne Curtis and Maricar Reyes have something to do with his split-up with Angel. Due to this, he is tagged as a “playboy.”

“I heard about it and I feel so sorry for both Anne and Maricar that their names were dragged into the issue. From what reached me, Angel allegedly caught me exchanging sweet text messages with the two. In the first place, during my time with Angel, it wasn’t our practice to check on each other’s cellular phones. We’re not the type of couple who’ll screen every call or text message that we have.

“Regarding the playboy image, I’m already used to it. But it’s not good to implicate Anne and Maricar to my issues with Angel. In the first place, both girls are my friends, especially Anne. Everybody in the ‘biz knows how close I am to her. I knew her already even before I met Angel.

“With Maricar, I became friends with her when we did a camera test for ‘Flash Bomba’ last year. Even though our screen pairing for that show didn’t push through, we became friends. But definitely, it didn’t come to a point that there was something romantic between us. Don’t you think it’s unfair for both girls?”

In one of her interviews, Angel was quoted as saying that she never goes back to a past relationship. What can he say about that especially now that they’re on speaking terms again?

“In life, nothing is certain. We should not end our sentence with a period because anything can still happen. As of now, Angel and I have matured. I feel we can handle our relationship better if given another chance.”

It sounds as if he’s still hoping to reconcile with her.

“Angel knows that I missed her and all the things we used to do. Let’s see in the coming days,” ends Luis.



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