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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bea Alonzo loveless this Valentine's?

Such a pretty girl, such a pretty face, such a pretty soul and no Valentine? Unbelievable but true.

“Wala talaga,” insisted Bea Alonzo who, in her latest movie, Star Cinema’s post-Valentine offering Miss You Like Crazy (in theaters starting Feb. 24) is again paired with John Lloyd Cruz who also insisted, quite unbelievably, that he, too, is (happily?) single.

On screen, whether on TV (Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, I Love Betty La Fea, etc.) or in film (Close To You, Now That I Have You and One More Chance), they make quite a handsome, credible pair even if in real life there’s nothing more than friendship between them.

“It’s onscreen chemistry,” said Cathy Garcia-Molina, director of the movie, her first after a freak bike accident in Baguio where her husband was killed.

In a Valentine one-on-one, Bea talked more about being “loveless” and a composite of her ideal man.

So you don’t have a Valentine?

“None. Honest!”

And you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day?

“I am not. I’m with John Lloyd in Malaysia for one week to finish some scenes in Miss You Like Crazy.”

How do you usually spend Valentine’s?

“I always have work on Valentine’s Day. It happens all the time. So sorry na lang.”

What’s your memorable Valentine’s Day?

“None that I can remember. Pero sa akin naman, you can celebrate Valentine’s any day of the year. Love has no season; you can celebrate it any day without any reason.”

In an interview several years ago when you and John Lloyd were first paired in a soap (Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay), you said that John Lloyd seemed so reclusive, so quiet and so aloof that he would stay by himself in a corner in-between takes. After three more soaps and three movies, has he opened up?

“He’s more open now; he has come out of his cocoon. Before, he seemed impenetrable. He has changed a lot since then. He has become a mixer, hindi na nag-iisa.”

Has John Lloyd ever courted you, o nagparamdam man lang kaya?

“No, he never did.”

What is your idea of courtship?

“The old-fashioned way, ‘yung bibisita sa’yo sa bahay to meet your parents and your siblings like what my first boyfriend did. The relationship didn’t last long, it didn’t even work at all. What they say is true: For a relationship to last, you have to start as friends para you are comfortable with each other.”

If you had a choice, would you prefer as a boyfriend/girlfriend somebody older, somebody younger or somebody your age?

“Age doesn’t matter. Kung ano ang ibigay sa akin ng Diyos, tatanggapin ko. What’s important ay ‘yung makakasundo ko. It’s not nice to set a standard, otherwise madi-disappoint ka lang. Looks is not important to me; what’s important is the ugali. Kung guapo at maganda ang ugali, better!”

Are you romantic by nature?

“Very! Mahilig ako mag-prepare ng kung anu-ano for the one I love. Romantic nga, eh! During the ligawan, aba, super hard-to-please ako, but I become submissive na kapag steady na kami.”

Do beautiful girls/guys like you also get broken-hearted?

“Oo naman! Wala sa looks ‘yon. So far, I’ve been broken-hearted three times na.”

Who’s the stupid guy who broke your heart?


How many times have you been in love?

“So far? Three times na.”

Can you recall your first love?

“I was 15. Yes, I was already in showbiz then.”

What about your first kiss?

“It was onscreen, with John Lloyd in Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay.”

And your first date (without your mom around)?

“It was with Miko (Palanca). It was on my birthday. We spent it in the car. He fetched me kasi from the set at ‘yon na ang naging date namin — in his car!”

How long did your relationship with Miko last?

“One year and a half only, half lang of the time it took him to court me and make me say yes.”

Can you tell if a guy is serious or just making fun of you?

“Oo naman! I don’t want to tell how so I won’t give myself away.”

If you were to describe the “perfect” guy/girl for you, how would you do it — you know, the looks of ____, the brains of____ and the money of_____?

“Ay, mahirap yata! Let me try. The looks of Brad Pitt, the brains of Will Smith and the money know, ayoko naman ng masyadong mayaman...pero, yes, the money of Prince William.”

Is there anybody you miss like crazy?

“Yes, somebody I knew from high school. I won’t mention his name baka mabuking ako.”



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At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very articulate talaga pagsagot ni bei..hehe

At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ang galing ng mylc nila ni lloydie.


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