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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nikki Gil now an ALV Talent

Just because Nikki Gil has decided not to renew her management contract with Star Magic after a four-year harmonious working relationship doesn’t mean that something has gone awry between both camps, nor she is transferring to rival station with beau Billy Crawford as mentioned in a tab blind item.

Her best friend Iya Villania and Billy, both ALV talents, have also nothing to do with Nikki’s decision to sign a management contract with Arnold Vegafria’s ALV. It’s more on how talents are being handled that convinced Nikki to jump ober da bakod.

“The change (of career management) is not an overnight thing. It has been given a lot of thought and we have been meeting with both camps — ALV and Star Magic family and we have come to agree that it would be best for me to go with ALV in order to achieve the direction that I want to take,” Nikki explains.

That direction points to an opportunity to perform as a solo artist which Nikki longs to do since she entered showbiz five years ago as a singer.

Remember that Coke TV ad where she initially let everyone hear the kind of voice first discovered by a talent scout inside a church where she used to sing as a choir member? Since then, Nikki has become a household name that captured everyone’s attention through various product endorsements. Her acting talent also paved the way for her to portray roles in the big and small screens.

But it was GMA 7’s Eat, Bulaga! that gave Nikki hosting exposure followed by a two-week stint in Extra Challenge and an appearance in S.O.P. What if there’s an offer to join Party Pilipinas as soon as her contract in A.S.A.P. XV expires in June?

“I’m a new (ALV) talent and we haven’t discussed yet as far as transferring is concerned but I will leave that to my manager. I’ll go where I’m needed.”

Is Billy excited now that they’re together in one talent agency? Are they a package deal?

“I love to be with Billy on tours but that’s just a girlfriend’s wish. The opportunity to work together is just a bonus because Billy and I try to separate business from our personal relationship,” answers Nikki who also keeps in touch with Billy’s mom.

Besides, meddling in career decisions is a no-no to both of them. But there is one thing that would make Billy frown: Seeing Nikki in a sexy pose for magazine covers. “I can wear bikini but it’s not my specialty to pose for covers. Let’s just leave it to other artists,” she says.

Singing, hosting, VJ-ing and acting, she adds, are enough to show people what she’s got. Playing opposite Coco Martin in Agimat: Tonyong Bayawak helps hone her craft while Atlantis Productions’ Legally Blonde (The Musical) which will be staged in June at Meralco Theater is another effective way to play roles that require rigid preparation because one can’t afford to have a Take 2. Nikki will be playing Elle Woods and is now attending yoga sessions and hitting the gym two or three times a week to be physically fit for the role.

“I’m not that physically active but it seems this is my season of changes — theater and a new management — so along with that transition I’m starting to hit the gym,” she says.



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