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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Willie's ex-wife Liz is dating Victor Aliwalas

BREAKING NEWS: My friend saw Liz Almoro, Willie Revillame’s ex-wife, having dinner with showbiz’s new hunk Victor Aliwalas. They were “sweet na sweet,” my friend added.

I called up Liz yesterday to verify and, yes, she confirmed that she and Victor are “just hanging out, that’s all” but they are not yet “on.” The marriage of Willie and Liz (above) has been annulled more than two years ago. They have a son, Juamee, who is with Liz.

During our brief phone chat, Liz said that Juamee, now four years old, is in nursery school.

“Please tell naman your friend (meaning Willie) to visit his son,” said Liz. (Willie, are you listening?) “The boy is growing up and he’s starting to look for his dad.”

I told Liz that I thought Willie was “barred” from seeing Juamee.

“No, he’s not,” said Liz. “The court has given him the go-signal noon pa. Sana naman, maalaala niyang bisitahin ang anak niya.”

Liz added that she’s now a certified Customs Administrator, having obtained her master’s degree from the Philippine Maritime Institute.

Incidentally, showbiz is not an alien territory to Liz. Before she met Willie, she had Christian Vasquez as boyfriend.



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