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Friday, May 28, 2010

Graceful exit for Willie Revillame?

IT seems the official ABS statement about Willie Revillame has confused some writers. Well, to begin with, some parts are really ambiguous.

One writer interpreted it as an assurance that Willie will return to “Wowowee” since it says "Wowowee will continue to provide entertainment and inspiration to Filipinos worldwide. He opines: "Kasi, Willie is “Wowowee” and vice versa, so that means he'll continue to provide entertainment and inspiration."

Another writer thinks the statement says it means Willie is fired for good and this is what will be discussed "in the best interest of the viewing public" who have expressed in polls that they don't want to see him back in ABS. The indefinite leave is just a way of giving him a graceful exit. After all, in a Facebook page, 303,244 people already voted that "Let Willie resign." Before, ABS always backed up Willie even during the Ultra tragedy, the Wilyonaryo cheating incident and his outburst against the Cory funeral, but this time, it seems "napuno na rin ang salop."

Too bad for Willie Revillame. He's not in a position to feel high and mighty with ABS-CBN after he arrogantly ordered them to fire Jobert Sucaldito or he'll resign. It's just been proven that he's not really that an effective endorser. His presidential bet lost and many folks are even saying Manny Villar only lost more votes because people feel antagonistic towards Willie. Second, the ratings of "Wowowee" soared even higher without him, such that it's now regularly beating up "Eat Bulaga" in the ratings game so "Eat Bulaga" has reason to be alarmed. Third, everyone is saying Robin Padilla is a better host than him, not "bastos."

Fourth, all polls conducted by various venues, including ABS itself, unanimously called for ABS-CBN to kick Willie out of the show. In other words, all cards are stacked against him so he has no choice but to abide by ABS decision's for him to take a leave of absence. He cannot appear anywhere else as he still has a contract with ABS. In effect, he's being suspended. And he also has reason to be alarmed. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.



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