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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

John Lloyd is an Overlap King

Local showbiz is packed full with “royalties,” haven’t you noticed?

We have a truckload of Denial Kings and Denial Queens, Concert Kings and Concert Queens, Princess of Pop and Princesses of Pop, etcetera.

With the ascendance of Aljur Abrenica as the country’s first ever (and so far the only) Denial Prince, here comes yet another “royalty” with a unique “title” — Overlap King — and he’s none other than...drum roll, please!!!...John Lloyd Cruz.

In last Sunday’s The Buzz, his “majesty” the OK finally (finally!!!) admitted that he and Shaina Magdayao are “on.” What!?! At the expense of Ruffa Gutierrez who has also been romantically linked to OK simultaneously with Shaina?

So, contrary to the claim of JLC (as Ruffa fondly calls OK), isn’t that “over-lapping” (synonyms: two-timing and, as they’d say in the vernacular, pamamangka sa dalawang ilog)?

“When John Lloyd started keeping an eye on Shaina last year,” said somebody who’s so very close to OK that she’s almost like second skin to him, “Shaina was still going steady with John Prats who was so pissed off that he accused John Lloyd of teaching Shaina some ‘bad habits’ (such as drinking?).”

In fairness to OK, even if he did admit that he drinks (but I’m sure not to the extent of getting drunk...hik, hik, hik!), I don’t think he’s a bad “influence” to Shaina or to anybody; he’s much too wholesome, too decent and too strait-laced to do that. (Take a bow, OK!)

It has been a stormy menage-a-trois which has never been confirmed but only hinted at by the “protagonists,” never mind if there have been tell-tale “sightings” such as OK being escorted by Ruffa out of Embassy, OK and Ruffa spotted together at SLS (an uppity hotel in Beverly Hills), OK and Shaina at a showbiz bar-hangout, Shaina texting/”missed-calling” Ruffa 45 times in August last year, and OK and Shaina recently in Singapore.

Did OK and Ruffa also bike-ride together at The Fort only two weeks ago, a rumor said to have affected Shaina because it was she and OK who bought those bikes?

“Not true,” Ruffa has denied on national television. “We didn’t bike together. In fact, I don’t go biking at all.”

Funfare’s Very Deep Penetration Agent (VDPA) said that Ruffa, even if she had been suspecting all the while, formally learned only last February from OK himself that he and Shaina have indeed been seeing each other. But as early as August last year, Ruffa already had a hunch (woman’s intuition) and that was on the night OK was launched as Swatch endorser.

Then, OK met with Ruffa last March for a heart-to-heart talk during which he told Ruffa that, yes, he had decided to choose Shaina.

“John Lloyd told Ruffa that he was confused, that he was having a hard time deciding who to choose..Shaina who’s younger than him or Ruffa who’s older than him. Siempre, he couldn’t have both.” (Reminds me of a line from the song:...torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool; loving both of you is breaking all the rules...)

Here’s the rub: OK and Shaina “officially” became an item last April 14.

Wrote Ruffa in her Twitter account, “I’m happy for them. Para akong nabunutan ng tinik.” (Okay, the queue of admirers and prospective suitors may start, hmmmm, making their move and may the best man win!).

Also on The Buzz, OK said that he and John Prats have talked but those close to the Pratses claimed that OK was telling a lie.

“It’s not true that, as John Lloyd said, siya ang unang nag-make ng move. It was John Prats who did by texting John Lloyd. And it’s not true that they had talked; nag-text-text lang sila.”

John Prats is currently having a concert with Sarah Geronimo in the US.

Added the VDPA, “When he comes back, John Prats will talk, will reveal everything.”

Ruffa’s tinik sa dibdib has been extracted but not the one in the heart of John Prats.

Let’s wait what Shaina’s “spurned” boyfriend has to say.

“It will be explosive,” promised the VDPA.



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