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Sunday, July 04, 2010

After PBB, on to the next level?

Of the six teen housemates in the recently-concluded Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 on ABS-CBN where Australian-born James Reid was declared Teen Big Winner, only Ryan Bang of South Korea and the second teen big placer openly admits his interest in joining showbiz.

Ryan can make everyone burst into laughter in his every response to questions. He moves in a charming manner and drops comments with aplomb. His accent is not irritating. His antics are real bone ticklers.

“I want comedy movie,” Ryan replies when asked what type of show he wants to be a part of. “I like Enchong Dee because he came to my birthday party and he talked to me like a friend. I also like Manny Pacquiao. He punches so great.”

Ryan also wants to be a Kuya of PBB if given a chance to choose a role on TV.

But what really are in store for the six teenagers after their three-month stint in Kuya’s house? Will it be the start of a flourishing showbiz career? Will they be as popular as Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson?

“I’ll be staying here maybe for a year or two to see where this experience takes me,” James says who is studying through Australian distant education.

For Devon Seron, having finished as fourth teen big placer is enough to be thankful for. The cash prize she received has given her and her sisters a clear chance of finishing their studies in Cebu. Besides, the grim thought of not going to college totally pushed Devon to conquer shyness and brave the long queue of auditions.

“My father is a company/family driver. It’s only my eldest sister who helps in our finances. That’s why, now that I’m here I don’t expect to be as popular as Kim but I hope my talent in singing can catch some attention,” Devon says. “I’m looking forward to meet Sam Concepcion. Ang galing n’yang kumanta at sumayaw.”

After moving out of PBB house, Devon knew she has gained self-confidence.

“The tasks that we have accomplished inside the house made me realize that I can do things with proper mindset. Naging matatag din ako.”

Third big placer Fretzie Bercede of Cebu, on the other hand, wishes to be paired with Jake Cuenca once the opportunity to act knocks on her door while fifth winner Ivan Dorschner started learning Tagalog inside the house in preparation for his entrance to entertainment scene. He loves Mariel Rodriguez to be his screen partner.

Perhaps it is Brett Jackson who can easily find a place in showbiz. His good looks are complemented with a voice that could make any girl swoon. No wonder, VJ Chino and VJ Bianca recently chose Brett among the housemates during the VJ Search.

Brett’s interest in music started a year ago. He neither had any formal training nor a vocal coach. Chicosci, Sandwich and Eraserheads are enough to inspire him to make good music and write songs.

“I think music comes from your soul so the best way to get your music out is to let it come out directly,” Brett offers.

“Actually I felt I have a bad voice that’s why after doing my assignments (as a Medtech student prior to PBB), I would stay up late and make sure everyone is asleep and then I start playing the guitar
and sing for about two hours and I never let anyone hear it.”

It was on PBB that Brett’s voice was heard by many. He now aims to make a mark in the music scene and record an album someday.

Asked about the biggest change in him after getting out of Kuya’s house, the sixth teen big placer replies, “I’ve learned to believe in myself and to dream big.”

Then, may all six of them get big time soon.



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At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

go devon....

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sana bigyan ng project c devon and james


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