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Monday, July 19, 2010

Akihiro Sato Sexy Talk with Ricky Lo

Coffee, tea or me?

If ever Akihiro Sato popped that question to a woman, I’m sure she would promptly answer this way: “Akihiro Sato and then a cup of steaming hot coffee (black, please!) or plain hot tea (no lemon nor syrup, please!).”

“I haven’t asked any woman that question yet,” admitted Akihiro, 26 (on Sept. 12), the six-footer half-Brazilian/half-Japanese model-turned-actor who wears large-size shirt, size-34 briefs and size-11 shoes.

But if ever he did, I guess Akihiro would offer neither himself nor tea (hot or ice-cold) but a cup of Seattle’s Best coffee which he’s currently endorsing.

“It keeps me alive and awake especially if I have an overnight shoot,” said Akihiro who loves Mexican food (“The more spicy the better”), snacks on French Fries and peanuts, usually takes only salads for dinner, and sleeps only in his underwear “and nothing else” since he sleeps alone, or in the nude “but only when I’m with a girl.”

In the next six weeks, Akihiro will disappear from the local showbiz scene, as he does when he has to hie off to his native Brazil for a breather from his increasing workload, but this time he’s mum on where he’s going. Here’s a clue: When asked in a previous interview what his favorite hideaway is, Akihiro said, “The beach where I can go surfing, like Baler in Quezon which is perfect for surfing. I want to go to Siargao which is very famous in Brazil because of the World Surfing Competition that was held there.”

Other places that Akihiro said he loves include Hong Kong although he’d go there for vacation and not to stay, and Bangkok which is like a second home to him because he has worked there as a model.

“But I love the Philippines the most,” he qualified, “because it’s very much like Brazil. The weather is the same and so is the temperament of the people who are very friendly like Brazilians.”

Before Akihiro flew to wherever he’s “hiding” in the next six weeks, Funfare did a “sexy talk” with him.

“What do I find sexy?” he asked. “Kindness is sexy to me. Sexiness is not at all limited to the physical.”

And what makes him feel sexy?

“Dressing well.”

You won’t believe how he answered to the question of how he lost his innocence.

“I’m still innocent,” followed by a sexy-innocent laughter. “I will always be innocent,” resounding with more laughter.

He named Alessandra Ambrosio, Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes as the three women he considered sexiest and added that the qualities he wants in a girl are that she must be “sexy, nice, intelligent, simple and funny,” hastening to add that he doesn’t have a girlfriend (by choice), “not at the moment because I’m busy focusing on my career.”

Here’s Akihiro’s “list of sexiest”:

• Sexiest sound: A violin playing As Time Goes By

• Sexiest song: Let’s Get It On (by Marvin Gaye)

• Sexiest book: The Lost Symbol (by Dan Brown) “because I love mystery novels”

• Sexiest movie he has ever seen: Pretty Woman (starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts)

• Sexiest part of his body: His six packs. “Or my smile…if you can consider it a part of your body. If not, my face where my smile is. They say that I have a happy smile that’s why I keep on smiling.”

• Sexiest part of a girl’s body: Her hands. “The nails must be clean.”

• Sexiest billboard: Penshoppe (displayed on EDSA featuring…who else…Akihiro Sato!)

• Sexiest face: Cameron Diaz

• Sexiest clothes: “On a woman? Nighties!”

• Sexiest perfume: Flora by Gucci or Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal

• Sexiest time of day: Midnight. “Very conducive to romance.”

• Sexiest part of the house: “My room. There, I can do everything and I mean EVERYTHING!”

• Sexiest TV show: The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

• Sexiest scene he has ever done: “Not yet because all my roles in GMA are wholesome!”

• Sexiest fantasy: “Acting in a Hollywood movie? Not sexy enough? Okay, doing it with three girls at the same time. Hahahahaha!”

• Sexiest thing you’ve ever done to yourself: “Strip near-nude in the gym but only with fellow guys around, also too busy working out to look around.”

• Sexiest thing he has ever done to a girl: “Sing a song ala-Celebrity Duets!”

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