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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Live Blogging - Winners, Results

Welcome to this Miss Universe 2010 live blogging. Please refresh your browser for updates. The top 15 Miss Universe 2010 beauties have been revealed. They are, in no particular order:

Ukraine, Anna Poslavska
Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete
Ireland, Rozanna Purcell
Russia, Irina Antonenko
Colombia, Natalia Navarro Galvis
Puerto Rico, Mariana Paola Vicente
Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps
Albania, Angela Martini
France, Malika Ménard
South Africa, Nicole Flint
Guatemala, Jessica Scheel
Australia, Jesinta Campbell
Belgium, Cilou Annys
Czech Republic, Jitka Válková
Philippines, Maria Venus Raj

It's the swimsuit competition with scores:

Ukraine, Anna Poslavska - 8.333
Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete - 9.265
Ireland, Rozanna Purcell - 8.784
Russia, Irina Antonenko - 7.843
Colombia, Natalia Navarro Galvis - 7.643
Puerto Rico, Mariana Paola Vicente - 8.443
Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps - 9.426
Albania, Angela Martini - 8.229
France, Malika Ménard - 7.586
South Africa, Nicole Flint - 8.229
Guatemala, Jessica Scheel - 8.071
Australia, Jesinta Campbell - 8.583
Belgium, Cilou Annys - 7.571
Czech Republic, Jitka Válková - 7.429
Philippines, Maria Venus Raj - 8.957

Miss Universe 2010 Top 10:

Ireland, Rozanna Purcell
Albania, Angela Martini
Philippines, Maria Venus Raj
Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps
Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete
Ukraine, Anna Poslavska
Puerto Rico, Mariana Paola Vicente
South Africa, Nicole Flint
Guatemala, Jessica Scheel
Australia, Jesinta Campbell

Commercial break! Next is the evening gown competition. From there, the top 5 will be chosen. Go Venus!

Commercial break is getting longer. Oh, it is back now. Top 10 in their evening gowns. Scores will be posted.

Ireland, Rozanna Purcell - 8.548
Albania, Angela Martini - 8.693
Philippines, Maria Venus Raj - 8.714
Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps - 8.884
Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete - 8.913
Ukraine, Anna Poslavska - 8.743
Puerto Rico, Mariana Paola Vicente - 7.971
South Africa, Nicole Flint - 8.420
Guatemala, Jessica Scheel - 8.286
Australia, Jesinta Campbell - 8.841

Based on the scores, Venus is still in the top 5. Long commercial break again!

Special awards are being awarded. Miss Thailand got two -- Ms Photogenic and Best in National Costume. Miss Australia got the Miss Congeniality award, voted by peers.

Long commercial break again! Miss U is back for the top 5.

Miss Universe 2010 Top 5
Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete
Australia, Jesinta Campbell
Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps
Ukraine, Anna Poslavska
Philippines, Maria Venus Raj

Question and Answer:

Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete -- about importance of internet. Translator is present.

Australia, Jesinta Campbell - about banning religious dress.

Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps - about death penalty practice: acceptable or not?

Ukraine, Anna Poslavska - about airports' full-body scanning machines. How do you feel about it?

Philippines, Maria Venus Raj - what big mistake have you committed in your life and what have you done about it. Tsk. I don't like her answer. She said she never committed any big mistakes in her 22 years of existence. And then she thanked everyone for the experience.

Long commercial break again.

Last walk of the 5 finalists.

Clips from sponsors. This will be long.

Last walk of Miss Universe 2009.

Long commercial break again.

Miss Universe 2010 Winners:
4th runner-up: Philippines, Maria Venus Raj
3rd runner-up: Ukraine, Anna Poslavska
2nd runner-up: Australia, Jesinta Campbell
1st runner-up: Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps
Miss Universe 2010: Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete

Thanks for joining this live blogging event. Leave your comments if you have any. Visit this blog often.


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At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

viva pilipinas...congrats ms. venus raj,you truly made us proud!!!

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bobo kasi yang venus na yan..tangna

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not took us more than a decade to finally penetrate the top 15...Venus gave us more than what we hope for...making it as far as top 5 and finished as 4th runner up is better than putting our country to shame...exactly what the PNP did...

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats kay least she made it to the top 5 and that's a job well done and the fact that she is the only asian who made it this year!kudos

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 1:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

analyzing her answer.... mistake is very much different from problem. She didn't understand the question. At least she should mentioned even one mistake she ever committed in her 22 yrs. of existence.She is not a perfect person that never had a mistake either big or small that she had committed. Just imagine in 22 yrs. she's always perfect, no mistakes done? Unbelievable! Inspite of being nervous she really didn't understand the question asked. Did you notice the face of the judge upon hearing her answer? That's a big, big mistake she made in her life now losing the title because of her answer. Congratulations for winning the 4th place!

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pag sumali ulit siya sa beauty contest may sagot na siya next time biggest mistake ng buhay niya ay yung katangahan niyya at yung stupid answer niya sa Ms Universe question. Ay dioske. ano ba yan?

At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hay naku! hwag na kayong magkoment ng bad... just be thankful nalang tayo that she made it to the top five and being a 4th runner - up... dko alam if ung nagcomment ng masama kay Venus makapasok kaya sa tip five if sila ang nandoon? just be thakful nalang tayo... it'd our pride and victory for having Venus Raj in the top five of the most prestigious beauty pageant..... Congrats Ms. Universe 4th Runner - Up, Ms. Maria Venus so proud of you....


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