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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kris not dropping 'Yap' yet

Has Kris Aquino dropped “Yap” from her name?

That’s what an online story is saying but Kris is denying it.

Contacted by The STAR for clarification, Kris said that when she read this paper’s Conversation article with her estranged husband James Yap last Sunday, “I was appreciative of him saying that Bimby is much closer to me.”

Bimby is Kris’ pet monicker for their son Baby James.

Saying that she and James are better friends and understand each other better now, Kris told The STAR that last Sunday, she and James watched the movie “Megamind” together with Bimby and Joshua. It was their first time to go out on a date since they broke up in May before the presidential elections in which Kris’ Kuya Noynoy won.

“After the movie,” Kris added, “we rode with James’ in his car and we even had dinner together at my place.”

And that’s when the “drop Yap” rumor must have started.

Kris said that “Cool” by Gwen Stefani is “my song for James.” Apparently, Stefani wrote the song for an “ex” who has found a new love and with whom she has remained friends.

Part of the song says: It’s hard to remember how it felt before, now I found the love of my life…We used to think it’s impossible, now you call me by my new last name…

“Oh, di ba bagay sa amin ang lyrics?” said Kris.

The un-couple’s annulment case is now being heard.

“But of course,” added Kris, “once the court approves the annulment, magiging Kris Aquino na lang uli, no more Yap.”

But until then, she will have to remain legally Mrs. Kris Aquino-Yap.



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