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Monday, November 01, 2010

One for Pinoy cinema

If its name means one for Juan dela Cruz cinema, then Cinema One has been living up to it with flying colors. It has acquired movies from film productions such as Star Cinema, FPJ, RVQ and Regal Films. Cinema One is an advocate of Philippine Cinema for the consumption and appreciation of Pinoys out there who are also acquainted with Hollywood.

Recently, Cinema One put the spotlight on Regal Films’ White House as featured movie in the channel’s Sine Sindak sa Enchanted Kingdom. The Halloween outdoor screening treated Cinema One guests and theme park visitors to Topel Lee’s cinematic scare tactics and engaging storytelling. Everybody journeyed with Gabby Concepcion, the movie’s lead in search for the soul of his daughter snatched by the Black Lady (Iza Calzado). Often, one found oneself at the edge of the seat as Topel set the eerie mood with his visuals and sounds.

But what makes Cinema One unique is its annual competition Cinema One Originals which was promoted in Sine Sindak. For the past six years, it has given new filmmakers the chance to tell Pinoy stories in an unconventional way. Many think indie/digital cinema is the new face and future of Philippine cinema. Cinema One is in the forefront.

“The main objective is for Cinema One to create its own movies offering something different to moviegoers (as compared to mainstream),” says channel head Ronald Arguelles of Cinema One Originals. “Studios do the same (type of movies) and there has to be a variety. (Cinema One Originals) also gives new talents the opportunity they need.”
Cinema One channel head Ronald Arguelles

“For the past years, we have given the audience different movies. They are not just the typical romantic comedies. We have horror movies but are unique and different. Cinema One has also been recognized in film festivals abroad.”

Cinema One movies speak for themselves. They have “crossed boundaries” in what story to tell and how to tell it. It has proven that digital cinema is evolving.

What are Cinema One Originals plans next year?

“We aim to do 10 films and to have a sharing agreement (with filmmakers),” answers Arguelles. “This is (to) excite them that they will have ownership with the movies.”

Before they watched White House, John Lapus and Tuesday Vargas hosted a pre-screening show with games. Pilipinas Got Talent finalist Markki Stroem serenaded the crowd while White House stars Jairus Aquino and Joem Bascon invited guests to watch the movie in theaters.

Early in the afternoon, Sine Sindak participants toured Enchanted Kingdom and tried some rides. Some went to Grand Carousel, Flying Fiesta and Bump n’ Splash. Others opted for Rialto Theater, Rio Grande Rapids, Jungle Log Jam, Anchors Away and Space Shuttle Max. Anchors Away and Space Shuttle gave everyone the heads up for the night’s good scare White House.

This is Cinema One’s very original trick or treat.


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