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Friday, December 03, 2010

Willie's alibi on copyright issue confusing

We laugh that Willie's ging to justify accusations of ABS-CBN to imitate the format and gimmick of her new Showtime program that wanting Willie TV5. Asserted because ABS-CBN are the copyright owners of Showtime, with the right to chase and Willie pay for copying their ideas.

Now, says Wil-lie to the ABS-CBN also cheaters also ideas of others, as they watched the game show "Cash or sack," which became the reason to demand Pepe Pimentel to emulate his original idea and concepts previously noyang show Cash or Box.
He also admitted that they built a group that, along with Randy Santiago and John Estrada for, then laundered Tito Vic and Joey. 'However, they did not beat the veteran comedians.

Willie The point here, what are the complaints of ABS-CBN that he nanggagaya format, they are so he is also the task. Anyway, there are other passes because he had a strategy that he shows to people. He says that the show, so he is fighting for audience exact likeness benefit from having a chance to win great prizes.
And now, so he wants to continue to be ere his show on TV5, to have said, and matutulu.

If we are tatanu-Pray, seem to think this is wrong help our countrymen.
As the older he became the contestants, as providing assistance, ipinapanalo their game. S just no bets, but also as a gamble 's.



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