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Friday, April 01, 2011

Angelica and Derek have split up, too?

It’s the season of break-ups.

Michelle Madrigal and Jon Hall have called it quits after more than a year-long romance due to “personal differences” that caused their frequent fights.

Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo, both unwed parents, broke up before they could celebrate their first anniversary this month.

According to conflicting reports, Dennis was unreasonably possessive, disapproved of Jennylyn’s being friendly again with ex-boyfriend Patrick Garcia (father of Jennylyn’s love son Alex Jazz) and hurled hurting words at Jennylyn during one of their fights.

Of course, Dennis’ manager Popoy Caritativo denied all that, saying that it was even Dennis who advised Jennylyn to make peace with Patrick so that she and Patrick could take turns caring for their child.

Reports also said that Jennylyn is hard to handle, very moody and not above hitting Dennis physically during their arguments, causing Dennis to push her and not really punch her.

The ending is that it’s now Popoy and Jennylyn’s manager Becky Aguila who are engaged in a word war in defense of their alagas. Funny, isn’t it? Dennis and Jennylyn haven’t actually said a single word and it’s their managers who are spewing fire at each other.

And now, there’s a “breaking news” in the Net that Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban are also headed for splitsville, if they haven’t hit the rocks yet. Reason given is that Derek is involved with a girl from Dumaguete.

Contacted by Funfare Update for comment, Derek denied the report, saying that his relationship with Angelica is going strong. As Angelica tweeted, “Habang kami ay pinaghihiwalay, mas lalo kaming tumitibay.” Words to that effect.

“I did go to Dumaguete to recruit five kid volunteers to play in a Frisbee tournament,” said Derek. “While there, I was shown around by a group that included the girl who was reported to be my ‘girlfriend.’ Not true. I only met her there.”

The suspicion is that another girl has an axe to grind and invented the tsismis that the other girl was Derek’s girlfriend.

“Sorry to disappoint the writer of that ‘scoop’,” added Derek, “but Angelica and I are okey na okey.”

There. Which couple is breaking up next?


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