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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Derek Ramsay Defines Sexy

Sexy things about actor Derek Ramsay, as interviewed by Ricky Lo.

What is sexy to you?

“Confidence and intellectuality.”

What makes you feel sexy?

“When I play sport.”

When did you lose your innocence?

“I’m a late bloomer. I think I was 20 then.”

To an older woman, younger woman or a woman your age?

“To a woman my age.”

Have you been sexually harassed?

“Yes, I have been sexually harassed. By whom? I won’t tell.”

Sexiest song.

“Any song that heals.”

Sexiest musical instrument.

“The sax.”

Sexiest food.


Sexiest magazine.


Sexiest perfume.


Sexiest car.

“Mercedes sls.”

Sexiest time of day.


Sexiest part of the house.

“The bedroom.”

Sexiest part of his body.

“My arms.”

Part of a woman’s body that he finds sexiest.

“Her neck.”

Three women he finds sexy.

“Angel (Angelica Panganiban). Jessica Alba. Angelina Jolie.”

Three men he finds as sexy as he is.

“Al Pacino. Sean Connery. Roger Moore.”

Sexiest movie.

“Basic Instinct.”

Sexiest scene he has seen in a movie.

“Jessica Alba swimming in Into The Blue.”

Sexiest scene he has ever done.

“My beach scene with Angel in the movie I Love You Goodbye.”

Sexiest thing he has done for a girl.

“Took Angel on a trip to Amanpulo.”

Sexiest fantasy.

“Sail on my own yacht with Angel.”


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