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Sunday, March 30, 2014

ABS-CBN 2014 Summer Station ID "PINASmile" VIDEO

VIDEO: ABS-CBN 2014 Summer Station ID "PINASmile"

Filipinos will always choose to smile amidst hardships; we find happiness even in the small things. We know how to be grateful and remain positive. We believe in the goodness of others. Indeed, despite the calamities that severely damaged our country, the Filipino optimism shines through.

As our country rebuilds itself from the calamities, ABS-CBN aims to promote the Philippines as a unique travel destination that takes pride in the beauty of each region, colorful culture, and of course, the stories behind the unique and infectious smiles of the Pinoys. Centering on the theme, PINASmile, the Summer Station ID will serve as a vehicle to showcase to people around the globe that the smiles are back in the country.

The team believes that genuine smiles can never be scripted, so the team made the Summer Station ID's goal to bring out raw and authentic happiness from the simple Pinoys. Kapamilya stars and news personalities were tasked to be the smile seekers. They were asked to immortalize these blissful moments with their camera lenses as they immerse themselves with the locals of the different places they visited such as the Igorots of Baguio, Aetas of Mt. Pinatubo and Ivatans of Batanes.

The Summer Station ID team also made it a priority to visit the provinces that have been severely devastated by calamities last year, particularly Bohol, Samar, and Leyte. The positive stories and warm smiles from these hard hit provinces are testaments of how brave and happy the Filipino hearts could be despite the tragedies that our fellow countrymen went through.

Let's make our summer story worth smiling about again, and show the world that the Philippines is one happy place worth visiting and coming back to.


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